These rules apply for the Celestial community. Meaning discord, in game or on the website/forums.

Breaking of these rules will result in a warning and eventually a ban.

In game and on discord we align with the rules that has been set on wurm online.
  • Be respectful at all times.
  • Please make use of the English language in Celestial 1/2, as well in the text chats since we are an international community. Feel free to use your own language with friends in the lounge voice chat.
  • Stay on topic in the specific text chatroom's.
  • Do not spam, link, or advertise other communities including yourself without direct approval from one of the GM's.
  • Keep any racial slurs, grief ,drama or offensive jokes to yourself.
  • No NSFW, gore, or disturbing images.
  • If you need help with anything, please tag a staff member using the "@" .
  • Wurm unlimited

  • Use common sense.
  • No cheating, hacking, glitching, scripts,bots, exploits etc. Keep the game play fair and fun for everyone. (Breaking this rule will result in a ban without warning.)
  • No negative or derogatory behavior towards other players. Regardless of age, we ask that you try to be mature and set a good example.
  • If something is fenced in, it is fenced in for a reason and might belong to someone. It's not allowed to bash the fence or steal anything if the gate is open, even if it's off deed.
  • Dont be annoying, disrespectful or rude to any players.
  • Impersonating a staff member will result in a permanent ban from the server.
  • Names of characters that look like the name of a staff member will be removed immediately.
  • Racial slurs, offensive jokes or drama will not be tolerated.
  • If you need help with anything, please refer to one of the staff members.
  • A max amount of 4 alt's per player is allowed.
  • The following mods are allowed.

  • Live map
  • Improved compass
  • Custom actions
  • Tool belt
  • No winter
  • Time lock
  • Skill gain tracker
  • Better tool tips
  • Archaeology groups
  • Range finder
  • Cave vision
  • Esp/scanner
  • Improved improve
  • No tree collision
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